Zach Cleveland


Zach is a highly skilled and dedicated paraplanner passionate about providing comprehensive financial planning support.

Zach’s journey into the world of finance began with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Arizona State University, where he graduated with the highest distinction. Eager to apply his knowledge, he joined Vanguard as a client relationship associate. Now as a paraplanner, Zach’s primary responsibility is to assist Joe, the financial advisor, in developing tailored strategies for clients.

Zach possesses a keen understanding of investment products and retirement planning options. He excels at conducting thorough research and analysis to gather the necessary information for creating comprehensive financial plans. His ability to synthesize complex financial information into clear and concise reports enables Joe to make informed decisions and deliver personalized strategies to clients.

Outside of work, Zach enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with friends and family and volunteering at his local church. He believes in giving back to his community by helping empower others to make informed financial decisions and retire with dignity.

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