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Our Retire Better Process

No matter where you’re at in your retirement journey, you can always do better. Our Retire Better process was designed to address and maintain five key areas of financial planning — income, investments, taxes, health care and legacy ­— so you can live out your next era with confidence.

Investment Solutions

What’s your tolerance for market risk? Once we discover this answer, we’ll develop an investment portfolio tailored to your unique needs — after all, your retirement is too important for “off-the-shelf” solutions. And as an independent financial firm, we’re empowered to prioritize your needs and have access to a universe of financial tools capable of helping you get closer to your goals.

Tax Strategy Solutions

Many financial planners may simply tack on tax talks at the end of their process. Not us. We start with the tax code and work backward from there, helping discover tax-efficient strategies unique to your specific situation from the get-go. We’ll assess your current tax liability, determine whether it’s in income taxes, capital gain taxes or estate taxes, and develop strategies to help minimize the tax burden your beneficiaries will face when your wealth transfers.

Income Solutions

We’ll assess your current income situation, regardless of whether you're retired or still employed. Our objective is to solidify your future income streams throughout your retirement, creating dependable and consistent monthly payments to cover your expenses. We’ll also optimize your Social Security benefits, navigate the complexities of pension options, account for inflation, evaluate the financial implications of losing a spouse unexpectedly and address any other vital factors that contribute to a robust income plan.

Health Care Solutions

For many retirees and pre-retirees, health care planning is often overlooked — until it’s too late to properly plan for it. The health care system itself can be overwhelming, and costs are consistently rising. Addressing this aspect of your retirement now could be paramount to the success of your financial plan. Whether you’re trying to retire before Medicare, already on it or concerned about the high costs of long-term care, we’ll examine any options on the table.

Legacy Planning Solutions

We believe in the importance of working collaboratively with qualified estate planning attorneys. Doing so can help your hard-earned assets go to your beneficiaries most efficiently. Legacy planning includes important steps such as funding your trust, drafting power of attorney documents, retitling your accounts properly and updating your beneficiaries. Whether you’ve put this off or are simply looking for a review of your current approach, we can help maximize the amount your loved ones will inherit.

Grow Your Income

Retirement Income Strategies

Grow Your Income

Wealth Management

Grow Your Income


Grow Your Income


Grow Your Income

IRA/401(k) Rollovers

Preserve Your Assets

Asset Preservation Strategies

Preserve Your Assets

Life Insurance

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Pass It On

IRA Legacy

long-term care
Preserve Your Assets

Long-Term Care Strategies

We can also refer you to professionals who provide the following services:

Trusts       Probate       Charitable Giving       Estate Planning       Tax Planning

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