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When anyone asks Joe Donti what he does for a living, his answer is simple: “I’m a financial junkie!” However, that’s only the first sentence of a story that’s always been about one thing: building others up.


Putting Tax Planning First

Many financial planners simply tack on tax talks at the end of their process. Not us. We start with the tax code and work backward from there, helping discover tax-efficient strategies unique to your specific situation from the get-go.

What's your Risk Number?

Capture your risk tolerance and see if your portfolio fits you.


Solutions First Financial Group, AEWM, and Nitrogen Wealth Inc. f/k/a Riskalyze Inc. (Nitrogen) are not affiliated companies. Neither Solutions First Financial Group nor AEWM can guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the Nitrogen software or outputs. Nitrogen is intended to be used as a tool in designing a financial portfolio.

Our Retire Better Process

No matter where you’re at in your retirement journey, you can always do better. Our Retire Better process was designed to address and maintain five key areas of financial planning — income, investments, taxes, health care and legacy ­— so you can live out your next era with confidence.

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