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Wise Words About Aging

Our culture is very youth-focused, but we all instinctively feel reverence for people who have experienced much and gained wisdom from their long years. A positive attitude towards aging can go a long way towards finding happiness in retirement by giving us something to look forward to. Here are some wise words about aging. “How old would [...]

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3 Uncertainties You Could Face in Retirement

The only certainty in life is that there will be uncertainties. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a plan to address them. Retirement shouldn’t be a time of anxiety or worry; it should be a time when you feel financially secure and can enjoy the money you’ve worked hard to earn for decades. The [...]

2021-10-26T00:35:04+00:00October 26th, 2021|Retirement Planning|

Why We Could See a Market Correction

We’ve seen the stock market rise to record highs recently, but how long can this last? 54% of American investors see the stock market heading for a crash, according to a recent Allianz survey.[1] There are a few reasons why we could see a market correction soon, including the Delta variant and higher inflation. Are [...]

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How Are You Warming-Up for Retirement?

Almost everything we do has some type of a process or warm-up routine.  From playing golf to driving a car, every activity has certain steps that should be taken before you begin. Take for example a pilot performing their pre-flight routine and inspections. They walk around the entire plane looking for any visual problems on [...]

2021-10-15T23:05:40+00:00October 15th, 2021|Retirement Planning|

Examining the Future of Social Security, Medicare, and Your Taxes

The Social Security trust fund is now expected to be depleted by 2034, according to a recent report from the Social Security and Medicare trustees.[1] That’s one year earlier than they reported last year, and the pandemic is to blame. Less was collected in payroll taxes when unemployment was high, and more people claimed benefits. [...]

How Big of a Threat Does Inflation Pose to Your Retirement?

You might be surprised how much inflation can nibble away at your retirement nest egg over time if you aren’t prepared. As America’s economy reopens, we’re seeing higher inflation rates, and this unwelcome surge should prompt retirees to consider the threat it could pose to their financial security.

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